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Mr. Regular
Born Brian Reider
July 29, 1981 (age 37)[1]
Huntington Beach, California, U.S.
Role Narrator
Vehicles Vagabond Falcon, Subaru Forester 'Goldie'
Social media (both personal/company accounts)
Facebook @RegCarReviews
Instagram @regularcarreviews

Mr. Regular is the founder, co-writer, and the main narrator of Regular Car Reviews. Mr. Regular graduated from Kutztown University with an English Literature master's degree, where he met The Roman during graduate school. Unlike The Roman, who has been more open about himself, including revealing his name, Mr. Regular still retains an aspect of anonymity, not revealing much about his private life.


Mr. Regular started Regular Car Reviews out of frustration with the many homemade "regular car reviews" that had poor video and audio quality, and little to no writing. His first review was of his 2002 Toyota Echo, in which contained Mr. Regular starting off with a failed burp, accidentally revealing his identity in the mirror, and the first appearance of 'the voice'.

A year after the first video, Mr. Regular posted a review of his father's 1994 Dodge Caravan, then moved away to Alaska for work as a teacher, possessing a Pennsylvania teaching certificate for secondary English off the back of his master's degree.[2] Upon returning, Mr. Regular couldn't find work, and was suggested by a friend to continue car reviews as a job on the side. Mr. Regular continued to make reviews with minimal success until his 1995 Mazda Miata MX-5 review, which was a huge success, being featured on Jalopnik by Patrick George - still a good friend of his - and receiving over a million views. As a result, both him and The Roman landed jobs at Jalopnik, with Mr. Regular writing articles on the side, and as of 2018, has over 300 reviews published on the official RCR YouTube account.

Excluding the Vagabond Falcon - a personal project that has been listed as the RCR company car - Mr. Regular has owned four cars, starting with the aformentioned Toyota Echo, which was written-off in a serious accident in 2014. Following this, he was given a Honda Fit Sport by fans, using it for three years, until he gave it away and bought his dream car - a Toyota MR2, which was eventually sold, as he felt too nervous to drive it in public out of fear of damaging it. Now, he owns, presumably, a beige-gold Subaru Forester, of which he refers to as 'Goldie'. After he had purchased it, it was discovered that it had quite a few rust issues - presumably due to the road salt used during Pennsylvanian winters. It is currently being repaired and he was given a 2018 Subaru Impreza as a loaner vehicle.

Writing style[edit]

Mr. Regular's writing style is a combination of literary analysis, witty metaphor, dirty humor, and character acting for comedic effect. Mr. Regular has stated that Regular Car Reviews is an outlet for his weird sense of humor, which has become a hit with the show's audience.

On occasion, especially in the earlier seasons, Mr. Regular uses 'The Voice', coined as 'The Meat' in the Nissan 370z post-credits, in his narratives, talking of rude, dirty, and somewhat-sexual goings-on and fictional backstories in a low, gravelly voice, and on occasion, shouting. In an RCR Podcast, Mr. Regular has stated that this voice was based off of a friend he knew from Kutztown University, who apparently had a sexual fantasy of wanting to have sex with his girlfriend in the dorm hallway, among other such inspirations.[3]


Regular Car Reviews was originally done anonymously. While Mr. Regular's face could be seen unintentionally in many videos (including in the reflection of his 2002 Toyota Echo in the first review), little to no attention was given to Mr. Regular's identity. Most instances hid Mr. Regular's face, or the identity of him in the shot was questionable. It wasn't until the 1964 Piper PA-28 Cherokee Archer II that viewers first took an interest in Mr. Regular's identity.

The YouTube channel Gears and Gasoline did an interview with Mr. Regular and The Roman, marking the official face reveal of Regular Car Reviews. In the interview, Mr. Regular stated that he had to remain anonymous to keep from being blacklisted from his original career as teacher, since his dirty humor wouldn't have been acceptable - he also censored his speed gauges to avoid being charged or arrested for speeding. As Regular Car Reviews became his job, he began to be less interested in retaining his identity, although much of his personal life still remains a secret. The limited knowledge of the hosts has been a lure for fans, as the reviews have remained mostly about the cars and their stories.

Despite his anonymity, it appears that Mr. Regular kept up an old YouTube channel named 'KutzTravels' from his Kutztown days, with videos from nearly ten years seemingly confirming suspicions about his furry interests, although the validity of this being Mr. Regular's original YouTube channel isn't officially known.

Personal life and interests[edit]

As aforementioned, nothing much is known about Mr. Regular's private life, under the shroud of anonymity. However, Mr. Regular had publicly stated and talked about some of his own hobbies, especially in podcasts and 'Ask RCR' episodes. He was born in California but grew up in Pennsylvania; his father and grandfather were in the U.S. Navy.

A main pastime of Mr. Regular's is to ski, having skied since his childhood,[4] and having been through a grueling expedition to Mammoth Lake, California, giving the title of Mammoth Winter to a season of Regular Car Reviews in honor.[5]

Mr. Regular has a Pennsylvania teaching certificate for secondary English - or English for Grades 7-12 - and following the review of his father's Caravan, he moved to a small village in Alaska for a year to teach English and grammar to twenty students, acting as coach in gym class due to being the youngest, general science, due to a teacher shortage, and some automotive engineering. Apparently, this move to Alaska was his first full-time teaching job, meaning that he has taught in short stints, possibly as a supply teacher. He had also considered joining the U.S. Air Force but ultimately decided not to.[6][7]

Owing to videos found on the 'KutzTravels' channel, it is confirmed that Mr. Regular had connections to the 'furry' scene, if not being one himself, being called a 'furry reporter', talking about the Pennsylvania scene on occasion in pre-RCR videos. While Mr. Regular appears to have given up on the scene, he still makes in-jokes and jabs towards the subculture, as seen in some episodes of RCR.

Of course, Mr. Regular has an interest in general automotive culture, which stems back to years before Regular Car Reviews was even conceived. He has shown an interest in European cars - as many North Americans probably would have - and in the United Kingdom season, he got to drive one of his favourite cars - a Peugeot 206, still contradicting British loathing of the car once he drove it.[8]