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The Roman
Real Name Nick Roman
Role Narrator/Songwriter
Vehicle 2004 Ford Mustang SN-95
Social Media
Twitter @TheRomanNick

The Roman (officially Nick Roman, or simply 'Roman') is the co-owner, co-writer, and musical talent of Regular Car Reviews. Nick met Mr. Regular in graduate school at Kutztown University, and since then, has been an integral part of the show, performing into and outro music, helping Mr. Regular write reviews, and on occasion, voicing the reviews himself.

As a personal car, The Roman owns a 2004 Ford Mustang SN-95, of which he reviewed himself due to Mr. Regular being busy on the Vagabond Falcon.


Roman joined the show during the first season, co-writing his first review with Mr. Regular on the 2008 Dodge Avenger. From there, he co-wrote the rest of 'The Early Years', though not having a presence in the Regular Car Reviews up until the beginning of the second season, in which he began to write intro and outro songs for reviews from that point on. As of the eighteenth season, he appears to be getting a growing role in the channel, narrrating his own car show video, producing car story videos, and narrating his own reviews, either in swaps, or when Mr. Regular was busy.

For a while, Nick remained anonymous on the channel, similar to how Mr. Regular kept himself anonymous, appearing in videos with his face covered[1] or blurred, except for accidental reflections. This, eventually, slipped, once the Vagabond Falcon was worked on, and from then on, Nick openly goes to fan meets and other events, and unlike Mr. Regular, who still keeps himself somewhat anonymous, he openly states his full name in certain areas, such as his Twitter account.

Writing Style[edit]

Mr. Regular said in an interview that Roman can "Roman his way out of anything", explaining that Roman can write a 20-page thesis in a weekend, and that he can write it better and faster than him. Roman and Mr. Regular share a comedic and analytical style, making their reviews very homogeneous in terms of writing style. He claims he writes half of every review on the channel.

Music Career[edit]

Roman first started performing the music for the title cards for Regular Car Reviews in the second season - YouTube Partner. Roman's title cards are typically acoustic guitar covers of popular songs, with the lyrics rewritten to fit the car being reviewed - though on occasion, this can vary, as for example, Roman performs a rap at the end of the original Civic review,[2] and acts as a hostage negotiator in the intro of the Barracuda review.[3] This lead to a following of its own, ultimately leading to Roman releasing an album under the Regular Car Reviews, titled 'Track List, Bro!' on May 8th, 2017. It can be found and bought here on Bandcamp.

Reviews Narrated by The Roman[edit]

This is a comprehensive list of videos that are fully, or partially narrated by The Roman. Obviously, as more videos are published, this list may increase.

# Episode Number Title Season Original Air Date Full or Partial? Notes
40 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT YouTube Partner March 10, 2014 Partial Nick's first narrative part of a review, in which he acts as a typical noir-style detective looking to find Mr. Regular.
122 2012 Audi R8 V10 This is my job now. June 29, 2015 Partial Fills in for when Mr. Regular wandered off while reviewing the car.
138 2002 Ford Thunderbird The Southern Stab September 28, 2015 Full The first of the swap reviews - Mr. Regular does the 'music', while The Roman does the narration.
157 2012 Ariel Atom 3 The Pacific Fister December 25, 2015 Partial Takes up the second half of the review, as Mr. Regular decided to review the first half because it was Christmas morning.
171 2004 Ford Mustang SN-95 A Return to Form March 28, 2016 Full Mr. Regular was busy on the Vagabond Falcon, so another swap was performed to review his personal car.
209 Defiance Charger Vagabond Summer November 14, 2016 Partial Since Mr. Regular hasn't watched Defiance, and as he is a film and TV critic, Nick enlightens as to what happened to the show.
289 1966 Ford Mustang GT 289 Autumn Endurance 2017 November 20, 2017 Full A swap performed on 'opposite day'.