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We're out of transcripts.[edit]

Up to now - 15th of December 2017, I have been using this source for most of the undone episodes on this wiki:

However, after doing the review for the Kia Spectra, I can now declare these transcripts exhausted. And so I'm now at a loss for transcripts.

Any sources in which you can find a high-quality transcript of a not-done RCR review in the list, be it from the page of, another website, or even your very own transcript will be greatly appreciated. Just bear in mind these two factors:

1. If it's a third-party source, like the archive or other websites, please give appropriate credits in the infobox.

2. If this is your transcript that you are to upload, please try to follow the standards set by both mine and u/lanator's transcripts, and ensure that these transcripts are grammatically-correct, and as accurate as can be.

Please also remember to use the infobox appropiately if you are making pages, and you should upload the thumbnail (or title card, if no proper thumbnail for a review) in the infobox, too.

I cannot dictate what goes on in this wiki, as I am not a mod, and the moderators are not here. However, anybody passing through here - get on board, if you can. This could be a flourishing site if this all works out.

--Hullian111 (talk) 12:32, 15 December 2017 (EST)