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Regular Car Reviews
RCR Logo.jpeg
Motto 'Reviews of regular cars for mortals.'
Founded January 12, 2012
Staff Mr. Regular, The Roman, Ted Stoltz
Social Media
YouTube RegularCars
Twitter @RegularCars
Facebook @RegCarReviews
Instagram @regularcarreviews
Subreddit r/regularcarreviews
All three official cars of Regular Car Reviews - starting left is the Vagabond Falcon, central is Mr. Regular's 2007 Honda Fit, and on the far-right is The Roman's 2004 Ford Mustang SN-95 - circa. 2015.

"Car Reviews mixed with toilet humor." - Mr. Regular

Regular Car Reviews, occasionally abbreviated to as 'RCR', is a channel that reviews cars - although not strictly - but taking a satirical, dirty twist in said reviews, the complete opposite of the usual car review channels found on YouTube. Originally founded by Mr. Regular in 2012 out of frustration at poor-quality and unscripted car review videos, now a registered company with The Roman working alongside, the reviews have proven a hit with the YouTube community, amassing twenty seasons, nearly half a million subscribers, and having a role in the automotive journalism site Jalopnik.

To support the channel through donation, the link to their Patreon page is here.


Regular Car Reviews was founded by Mr. Regular on January 12th, 2012, founded out of his frustration at poor-quality reviews of day-to-day cars with bad video and audio quality, and little to no script-writing. While still enrolled in Kutztown University, the first review of his 2002 Toyota Echo was uploaded on January 15th, three days after the channel's founding, in which contained Mr. Regular starting off with a failed burp, accidentally revealing his identity in the mirror, and the first appearance of 'the voice'. Following a near-year-long stint in Alaska as a teacher, Mr. Regular returned to the channel in late December, and since then, has kept up a somewhat-regular upload schedule with seasonal breaks.

On September 17th, Nick Roman - or 'The Roman' - a friend from Kutztown University, joined Mr. Regular to co-write the 2008 Dodge Avenger reviewed, claimed to be their "dirtiest review" by Mr. Regular. But all it took to grow the channel was RCR's most famous video - the 1995 Mazda Miata MX-5 review. Following a post by Patrick George, the senior writer for Jalopnik praising the channel and video,[1] the channel gained an unprecedented amount of attention by Jalopnik readers, eventually culminating in a role in the company for both Mr. Regular and The Roman by the sixth season.

By the time the second season began, the channel had amassed a large amount of subscribers, and the channel became a 'YouTube Partner' and more infused with Jalopnik. Also in this season, The Roman began writing intro, and later, outro songs for every video, and at the end of the season, the channel was taken out to Los Angeles for the first time, a location they would revisit in one of their many Patreon-funded road-trips.

Common Themes[edit]

A scripted Regular Car Reviews video will usually start off with an opening monologue - a short and snappy comment about the car, people associated with it, or something completely different, then an intro song recorded by The Roman will be sung, an intro card displaying the car to be reviewed displayed. From then on, the theme of comments and quips about the car, people associated with it, or something completely different will continue, occasionally lapsing into different formats or characters, and although more rarer than in earlier seasons, 'The Meat' - a gravelly, masculine and agressive-sounding accent put on to make very dirty, occasionally-absurdist jokes - is usually heard. At the end of the review, The Roman will also sing an outro song on the outro card, and the video may have a post-credits. Do take note that this format is liable for change in certain episodes.

The colour brown is a recurring theme on the channel, being mentioned by Mr. Regular regularly, although more often in car show episodes. Likely being down to the colour of poop, Mr. Regular is keen to jump at the possibility to mention the colour.

Aside from brown, a secondary main colour set, forming the logo and title cards of post-Season 2 videos, are the colours red and blue (specifically, the red HTML: c32b1f, while the blue HTML: 3647cf), likely to do with the channel and many car reviews being based in the United States of America. In terms of text, sometimes appearing as witty, informative, or a mixture of both in some part of the screen, the main font that the channel appears to be Rockwell Extra Bold, or another similar font.

It is well-known that Mr. Regular sometimes aggressively slam the car being reviewed, or the subculture behind it, for various reasons. Most of the time, it is best to remember that Regular Car Reviews is a mostly-satirical channel, and comments about the cars being reviewed should not be taken too seriously.