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Jalopnik Logo.png
Motto 'Drive Free or Die'
Founded 2004, under Gawker Media LLC
Current Senior Writer Patrick George
Website https://jalopnik.com/

Jalopnik is an automotive culture - although not strictly - news and opinions website, focusing on developments, events, and other stories about cars, the automotive industry, racing, transportation, airplanes, technology, motorcycles and more.[1] Originally created under Gawker Media LLC in 2004, following the collapse of Gawker Media, Jalopnik was sold to Univision - since renamed and moved to the Gizmodo Media Group - in 2016. Editorials and stories published on the site, often in a less-than-serious tone, have comments sections, in which writers and staff members freely comment in said sections with regular account-holders on the site.

Regular Car Reviews & Jalopnik[edit]

In 2013, the channel received a major bump in views and subscribers in 2013, in the midst of Season 1, when Patrick George dedicated an article to Regular Car Reviews, describing how these reviews were "hilarious, slightly insane, and also kind of true".[2]Then, progresing from a Youtube partnership with Jalopnik existing from Season 2 up to Season 6 of Regular Car Reviews, both Mr. Regular and The Roman got full-time jobs with Jalopnik for reviewing cars in a less-than-serious manner, hence the title, finding their humour proved popular with readers.

Since then, they have been given bigger - but not too big - budgets to review cars and travel, although the latter is more backed by Patreon donations. With a category dedicated to uploading almost every review made, alongside articles including Mr. Regular and/or The Roman[3], they are well-known across the site, and have a tendency to make references to the site. For instance, in the 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX review, owing to the slightly-racist 'Japanese' voice, Mr. Regular declares that Jalopnik will not run the review as an article.

Patrick George[edit]

Patrick George, as he appeared in the Dodge Aspen review.

Patrick George is the current Senior Writer/Editor-in-Chief of Jalopnik as of January 2018. Responsible for the article bringing Regular Car Reviews into the mainstream on Jalopnik, he has been featured in one single episode of Regular Car Reviews - the 1980 Dodge Aspen review, in which Mr. Regular, on the toilet, wanting the world to know, calls Patrick, and amongst other strange declarations, Mr. Regular says he's coming to New York City to make Patrick "feel pretty".[4] When the review was eventually uploaded onto Jalopnik, Patrick said in the comments that he couldn't keep a straight face when Mr. Regular was calling him, declaring that "it's basically impossible."[5]


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