Harold Slovinski

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Harold Slovinski
Role Narrator
Vehicles 2004 Honda Civic Si, 2007 Honda Accord (his wife's car)
Social media (unofficial)
Twitter @haroldslovinski (deleted)

"Oh yeah, you know who this is, ah, this is your old buddy Harold Slovinski, and this is my new twenty- *sniff* 2004 Honda Civic Si! Things are looking up for old Harold Slovinski! I got a promotion down at the ‘Four G’s’, you know how we do, hahuheh hehaha- local dog!"


Harold Slovinski is a fictional character created and voiced in a thick Pennsylvania accent by Mr. Regular for Regular Car Reviews. He appears as the main character in the 2007 Honda Accord review, again as the main character in the 2004 Honda Civic Si review, (which proved controversial to some of the fans of the channel, resulting in a 'real' review being supplemented) and in the post-credits of the 2002 Honda Civic LX review. He also made a brief cameo at the very end of the 2014 Honda Civic Si review.

Slovinski is a man who is obsessed with 'business', repeatedly saying the word in the two reviews he in, and pointing out his employment in 'The Four G's' (Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg and Goldberg)[1]. He also appears to want to be 'down with the kids', painfully making it obvious when he buys an '04 Civic Si after his promotion. The Roman, in the intro of the '04 Civic Si review, also claims that "does Molly when he can", therefore suggesting he takes MDMA.

He claims to have a wife, who Harold uses as a scapegoat to deny the fact that he is very obviously a crossdresser in the Accord review, and being suspected by viewers to be in a relationship with their 'mutual friend' and owner of a Civic LX, Dan Arnetts, also hinted at in the intro. This is confirmed when she apparently leaves for him, as claimed in the post-credits of the Civic LX review. with Harold presumably fleeing under a hail of gunfire from Arnetts.[2]


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