1993 Mazda RX-7 FD

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1993 Mazda RX-7 FD
RCR 1993 Mazda RX-7 FD Thumb.jpeg
Car Details
Make Mazda
Model RX-7
Year 1993
Owner Deniz
Episode Details
Episode Link Watch
Season This is my job now.
Air Date July 27, 2015
Credits u/OldColar

Air goes round round round round and I'm going to tell you have a Wankel engine works weather you like it or not!



*panting heavily*

Here comes an FD driver and his one line of conversation.

— "Imma tell you how a rotary engine works"
Oh, you say you already know how they work?
— "Oh let me tell you how a Wankel works"
Oh, you already know about him too?
Oh, you already know about them too?
— "Imma tell you anyway. Imma tell you anyway. Imma-imma-imma-imma-imma tell you anyway.



Listen to that engine roar
Wankel engine induction force
It's rather odd when in this spot
No no no



Triangles! Triangles! Triangles! Triangles! Triangles! Triangles! [Screen: "Triangles!" repeatedly] You never had-you had me? [Screen: You had me?] You never had me! (you never had me backwards, negative colors)

(very lispy) "It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning!"

Air goes in one turbo and it comes bigger and air goes in another turbo and it-bigger and the other turbo comes out and it goes out-BIGGER AIR [Screen: bigger air]... And then it goes round round round round round round round-PISS SPIN [Screen: PISS SPIN]. Leaning and spark plugs and trailing edge [unintelligible] my BALL SACK [Screen: My BALL SACK]. And then the interior of the car gets UNBERABLY HOT! My vagina is now THE CURSED EARTH.

Thanks RX-7 FD [Screen: "Thanks RX-7", RX-7 on the background].

ugh, this is a 1993 Mazda RX-7 FD, twin-rotor, TWIN-TURBO. This is the car for the man who flexes while driving. "UGH I'M AT A STOPLIGHT, I'M IN MY RX-7, TIME TO FLEX THAT FOREARM AND LOOK AT YOU OVER MY BICEPS. Oh, you want some of these-my dick is full of cheese." [Screen: My dick is full of cheese]

And this is the first car we've gotten when which we're able to get a dyno reading. Remember the sloppy mechanics video, where they blew up the Buick Century on a dyno using nitrous? Earlier that day this RX-7 went up on the dyno and made 290 to the wheels.

[clip of RX-7 making a pull on the dyno]

Which makes it reasonable that this engine on a good day is making 300hp to the crank, which is 59hp above what this car was rated for in 1993, which is 261hp. Anyway, we need to talk about the Mazda RX-7, it's been a long tome coming. This is the FD, this is the final generation of the RX-7 and this is the crown—no wait it's not the final, isn't it? I keep forgetting about that RX-8, right? RX-8. The RX-8 was the denouement of the series. Umm, it was the most user-friendly but the final version of the RX series wasn't the fastest, this was [RX-7 FD on screen]. This is the second-to-last. Out of all the Wankels that existed out into the world, this was the best design; because it brought all the potential of rotary engines to a climax.

Putting forced induction into a Wankel engine is very odd, because you really can't think about this engines as four-strokes; they're more like all-strokes, right? Because there's always a fire burn; there is no moment in a rotary engine where it gets to cool off, the heart of it is always hot. If you had to give me one experience to take away from driving an FD, it's THE HEAT. I've never felt anything like this. The heat that's pouring off the transmission tunnel, and the stuff that's trying to pound its way through the firewall. There's no exaust stroke where the entire cylinder — which isn't a cylinder, it's more of a combustion unit — gets to cool off, so most of the changes that the owner of this RX-7 FD had to do have nothing to do with performance and everything to do with life support. A fan controller keeps the blades spinning for no less than 10 minutes after the ignition is out. The owner is so meticulous about this car that even when he parks it, it's become muscle memory, he gets out of the car and before he's out all the way he pops the hood, he walks around, lifts it up, to let extra heat out. It's just a thing he does now.

The RX-7 FD's were so finicky, you buy one of this cars if your Evo IX is too reliable for you. Look at this engine bay, there's extra heat shielding, and then more heat shielding, and then there's this gold looking stuff; you know, I'm gonna let the owner talk about it here, go ahead.



I've head the car for about five years, kept it stock for about four and then I decided to pour money into it; this airbox is from M2, uh, M2 Performance; I was able to actually clean up some of the vacuum lines, Speed1 did this for me, they're a shop down in Lenhartsville. They solved this custom solenoid rack so it actually replaces the stock solenoid rack, the stock solenoid rack is pictured in this rat's nest diagram there (on the bottom of the hood) of 42 unique vacuum hoses, so it cuts that down significantly, it was able to take out some of the emissions related airflow pieces and components that direct air to, like, your catalytic converter.

Everything else past the twin-turbos, it does have the stock twin sequential turbos, is aftermarket in terms of the intake track. So that's one of the sequential turbos, the other one is kinda back under this pipe, they feed in, one turbo gets feed by this pipe, the other one by the one right underneath that; so then they both get collected after getting the boost and come out this pipe, through the intercooler, intercooler is ducted, the duct comes out and feeds the front bumper as well, um, and that goes into the intake manifold, upper intake manifold, the air temperature sensor is in the upper intake manifold, I changed out the primary injectors, they are a little bit heavier, 850cc instead of the stock 550cc, fuel pump is also from a twin-turbo Supra, they drop right in. I also had the fuel pump directly wired to the factory harness because that's something they recommend a lot so you don't get any fuel, uhh, electric voltage drop on the fuel pump which would cause to lean out and then you blow some stuff up. Besides that, intake, most of the belt pullies have been changed, the belts have been changed over, there's a catch can; I've seen a lot of oil coming into the intake.

One nifty part here is, uh, this guy is actually crossed... cross tower but it also right here has a brace for the master cylinder built into it, excuse me, that's the uh, brake master built into it. So when you brake in a 7 you actually, that unit you can see it visibly move, specially under a lot of breaking, so that's something a little aftermarket, this HKS ignition amplifier basically, so...



And then a pizza delivery bag is cut open and smeared with a dark soul of a bicyclist who intentionally hugs the left side of the lane with his balls all smeared with Burt's Bees and meatball sub grease.

An FD live its life on more live support than a dinner conversation a day after your mom found your spankerchief and a copy of The Reeves Tale: The Graphic Novel. Own up on your Chaucer! [Screen: Geoffrey Chaucer: Born 221 years before William Shakespeare.]

I call that stuff great literature. It's really nothing but rough sex.

The FD is the sperm that fetilizes the egg of bro culture. It's the quarterback who goes to his rival's schools prom: "The hell man, he's taken our women, he doesn't even go here". Everybody who reviews one of this cars talks about how gutless they are at low RPM; they don't do enough justice. It sounds like the car is broken if you try to short shift this thing. Ideal time to shift? 5000 RPM. Five. You shift this thing at 2000 RPM, it feels like you're driving a mail truck. [Screen: It feels like you're driving a Mail-Truck] A FD makes 300hp, and 4 torques. But when you get up into that 7000 RPM sweet spot, when the first turbo and second turbo are working together, you're now thinking like a motorcycle.



MR. REGULAR — It's best... holy wow! This is like a motorcycle! This is like a 6... like a 600... but no more like, uh, like a 1000 a little bit that there's no drop off at the top, the top is where everything is!

DENIZ — Yes, yes, exactly.

DENIZ — Yes, sir!

MR. REGULAR — Holy moly!



You can't really think in stroke because there is no stroke. Can't really think in bore because that doesn't makes sense either. The dark side of the FD are people who put LS engines into these things. And I agree with (Matt) Farah; you put a Chevy V8 into a RX-7 so the car works... and he's right!

Although what does that leave you with? A slightly smaller Corvette C5. If you keep the rotary engine in here and keep it running correctly, the RX-7 becomes a car that happens when you mix whey protein into ALL THE THINGS. A RX-7 without a rotary engine is like watching reality TV and hoping to see a titty: it's inherently restrictive. It sacrifices the experience in favor of functionality. When you feel these sequential turbos kicking in, it's like pausing life as a roller coaster just begins to crest the first hill. Imagine being able to call up that feeling of uncertainty at any moment. Once this car has you in it's grasp, it's hard to get out from that spell. The more you struggle, the more you bro out. Your hair becomes spike with Axe brand douche gel and you bathe in Old Spice when you forget to take a shower. And you watch To Catch a Contractor because you like seeing people getting yelled at. And you don't wear condoms because you invented a latex allergy. The RX-7 is an inescapable signifier of "dudeism". Once you're in, you're in. You can struggle but there's no escape.

Mazda RX-7 FD: the chinese finger trap of cars.

Of course, this is a 1993 car, and 1993 is becoming a reflection of 2015 in a lot of ways. You have a Bush and a Clinton running for president, a new Jurassic Park movie in theaters, and a TV show coach is apparently coming back even though nobody was asking for; oh and the X-Files too, they debuted in 93, and they're getting another crack at it in 2016 because of reasons.

But then again, the Mazda RX-7 is permanently stuck in the 90s, and this car could've only existed in the 90s. That beginning burst of the dot com boom, the tick-tick-tick of the roller coaster hiking it's way up the Dow Jones. NASDAQ getting bigger [Screen: NASDAQ 60] and bigger [Screen: NASDAQ 302] and bigger [Screen: NASDAQ 9999].

So why not try to make a sequential twin-turbo rotary engine? Why not? It's the 90s! I got typing class but I'm really just gonna play jezzball the entire time.

This FD is from the era when if the classroom computer broke the teacher had to get you to fix it, because there was no IT department at your school. And every single 3rd grader knew more about computers than the principal did. You buy an FD for the same reason you build a ship in a bottle, or daily a Dodge Viper, or run Linux on every single of your home computers without a backup OS, or shoot with a manual lens when an autofocus would do just fine, or retain points ignition on an old classic car or make pasta by hand. You do it because it's hard, because it's a challenge.

Owning an RX-7 FD is a wedding band for car enthusiasts. It's a symbol of your devotion. Because this is a car that has a community all it's own. A cult following that doesn't seek approval from other automotive communities. And that's worthy of respect! You could put an LS in here and it would be good, but wouldn't be the same. The RX-7 boasted, again when it was new, 261hp from the 13B-REW rotary engine, which stood as the last bastion for all the rotaries, and two sequential turbochargers and near 50-50 weight distribution. Not only is it capable, it's loaded with personality, like rings on a coffee table, or the anti-social goth girl who's beautiful on the inside. Sure, her poetry is horrible and yeah, you'll get ragged on for dating her, but let's be honest: the goth girl is gonna do you right, because the blonde cheerleader doen't think she has to do with anything beyond being the hot cheerleader. But the goth girl? SHE'LL WORK FOR THAT ASS, because she's something to prove, and at the end of the day, that's who you'll choose every single time. Because she can do you in a way you need to be done, just like a RX-7; and when the rest of your friends wake the hell up, you'll be the one who gets to say you wised up first.



This is the car for the man who are flexing while they're driving the road and their dick's full of cheese
Buy this RX, it's the second to last generation, it's hot but I don't mean to tease 
Hey bro I watch reality TV (watching them moving that RC one)
The goth girl I banged is beautiful to me (gym bros don't know how [unintelligible] the D)
(oh crap, the music stopped)