1988 Chrysler Conquest

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1988 Chrysler Conquest TSi
Rcr chrysler conquest thumb.jpg
Car Details
Make Chrysler
Model Conquest TSi
Year 1988
Owner Kiryl
Episode Details
Episode Link Watch
Season The Boulder Roadtrip
Air Date September 22, 2014

The Chrysler Conquest is a grey import Mitsubishi Starion. This is a car in which you can transform yourself into that guy who tells the same story over and over at every party. "This is an American car right? Nope! Bet you thought it was! Nope! Let me tell you what it really is...." and then the girl you're talking to looks for a bass player to bang.


This Conquest has been modified to be a fashion statement, through "sloppy" modding with zip-ties, monochrome red bumper stickers, and head-liner removals. It has also been lightly stanced (with "hella flush" wheels), and has an exhaust flap on the conical trumpet-style 3.5" exhaust pipe. A number of driver convenience features have been removed, and a host of polyurethane bushings and mounting have been swapped in. A total replacement of the vacuum lines was undergone, and stainless steel brake cables now run to disk brakes with specialty brake pads. The steering wheel and radio are from other cars.


This episode features Mr. Regular's gay sex hookup analogy for how grey importing works.