1987 Tomos Golden Bullett TTLX

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1987 Tomos Golden Bullett TTLX
Bike Details
Make Tomos
Model Golden Bullett TTLX
Year 1987
Owner Matt
Episode Details
Episode Link [1]
Season The Moist Summer
Air Date September 18, 2017

We ride a Tomos Golden Bullett, a 2-stoke Slovenian moped popular in the USA in the 1970's and 1980's.


  • This is the first recorded time that The Roman attempted to sing "The Winga-Dinga Song".
  • This episode contains a reference to "everybody's swollen-bellied, barbecuing, buying-on-margin uncle", which is probably also the same uncle who introduces themselves by saying "I'm your uncle!"
  • The Tomos Golden Bullett is not a car.